Rex Marketplace

It's exciting just to browse! The shop carries everything from Osaka's famous specialty merchandise to daily essentials. You can come and shop as if you are at a convenience store!

8:30 am - 10:30 pm
(Hours may change depending on the season)
1F of the Hotel

Popular gifts Top 3

Among all Yoshimoto merchandise, this product was named with a unique Kansai sense of humor. It contains mitarashi-flavored gaufres.

Omoshiroi Koibito

Contains 16 pieces1,080 yen

Fluffy, half-cooked castelo made with lots of fresh eggs. It comes in bite-sized packs.

Osaka half-cooked castelo"Fuwatoron"

Contains 8 pieces756 yen

The super-popular Koibito series. They are langue de chat cream sandwiches.

"Osaka no Koibito"
"Tsutenkaku no Koibito"
"Kyoto no Koibito"

Each box contains 12 pieces670 yen

Osaka gift

The alluring Kansai region's famous confectionaries
Everybody will love you with these funny Yoshimoto merchandise!
From Takoyaki to all kinds of Kansai-exclusive merchandise, the store is packed with interesting items!

Japanese souvenirs

The store also carries a wide variety of travel items as well as daily essentials.

*Prices differ by season

Dinosaur merchandise

Soft drinks, as well as snacks are also available.