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Family Room

ファミリールーム 間取り図

The room is filled with interior decorations makes you happy just by watching, and children also can have fun with toys and stuffed dolls. You can feel the reverberation of joy at the park.
The rooms are located on the 10th and 11th floors of the park side, and you can use beds side by side with up to 4 persons.
By connecting two Family Rooms, it can also be used as a connecting room.

Number of guests 2 persons (maximum 4 persons)
Size 430 SQ FT | 40 square-meter
Floor On 10th and 11th floor
Bed size Width 110cm
*When accommodating 4 guests, either a stacking bed or a sofa bed will be prepared.
Bath · Toilet Washing area with bathroom, separate toilet
View Parkside view
Tabacco All rooms are non-smoking

Features of Family Room


Washing area with bathroom, separate toilet

All bathrooms have separated toilet areas. Each bathroom has a washing area. There are also washing bowls and stools.


View from the guest room

The rooms are located on the 10th and the 11th floors and all rooms are facing the park side.

* Depending on the location, there may be rooms that are not park-view.

4 persons per room / Room charge per person from 8,000 yen (including tax)

*Discounted rate may have been applied for early booking, etc.


One piece pajamas


Bath towel

Facial towel

Wash towel


Body towel


Hair elastic


Body soap




Face soap

Facial lotion

Hand soap

Bath gel(Bath additives)
*The items change depending on the season.

Relaxing Sheet



Mineral Water
(2 bottles per room)

Children's amenity

Pajama(for kids)

2 sizes of 100 cm and 120 cm only. For children of over 120 cm in height, free size for adults is prepared.

Slippers(for kids)

The size is 22 cm only.

Toothbrush(for kids)

Sponge(for kids)

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